Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program

ERASMUS is one of the Lifelong Learning Programme of European Union projects. There is bilateral aggrement between Istanbul University and University of Cologne until 2021. Bileteral aggrement was performed at 2014.

ERASMUS is great oppurtinity to make research in Europe. If you want to save progress related your researh fields at the master or PhD degree it is one of the important programmes. Just, you have to look up to European universities and talk some people who do reasearch about your topics and then persuade a advisor and so meet the very huge formal procedures.

I planned go to Cologne in order to prepare master thesis via ERASMUS programme. I will be in Cologne thanks to aforesaid program up to September, 2015

  • Client - Ümit Kavak
  • Date - October 1th, 2014
  • Negotiated Universities - Istanbul University & University of Cologne
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