Amateur Telescope Making (ATM) in Turkey

Amateur Telescope Making (ATM); August 31, 2014

I participed in amateur telescope making workshop which has been organized by Istanbul Kultur University on 2009. I learned how newtonian telescope is made in this workshop.

A hundred telescopes were made by participants. You may want to read the article (in Turkish) about amateur telescope making. We made our telecopes in eight day working every day from 08:30 to 18:00. We finished the primary mirror in first seven days of the workshop. Then, rest of the telescope making, e.g. dobsonian mount have been finished last day.

Features of made telescopes : Newtonian model telescope, diameter 6-inches, f/7, and dobsonian mounted.

  • Participants - Secondary and high school teachers from different cities of Turkey
  • Date - June 4-9, 2009
  • Trainers - Prof. Dr Ethem Derman, Ugur Ikizler, Basar Titiz, and Atilla Tinkilic
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